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Job Posting: Web Interface Specialist

We (Imaginary Landscape) are looking for a Web Interface Specialist. In other words, an expert in HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This is a full-time position in Chicago.

There's a posting on Monster, but I'll describe the job instead of describing the requirements.

Imaginary Landscape is a small web development company (maybe 15 employees now?), and you'll be working both with people in content development (the people who do editing, converting documents clients give us, general website maintenance, etc.) and programming (people like me). I imagine your roles will be contrasting -- providing the technical support for the content people and design support for the programming people. But in the end you'll be working with everyone, and everyone contributes in whatever way they are best able to finish the projects we have. It's a relaxed environment without a great deal of stress (40-hour week style), no distracting politics, and the organization is generally transparent.

Also in the job you won't be pigeonholed into a small set of tasks; depending on the company's needs and your own inclinations there's always opportunities for you to work in new and interesting areas to expand the breadth of your experience.

We're an open source shop, using almost no proprietary software (at least on the server -- though personally I don't use any on my workstation either). Cross browser compatiblity is a given for all our projects (though personally I have this idea that at some point we're going to be able to do something so compelling with Mozilla that we could actually give up IE compatibility -- but I haven't figured out what that is yet; it can't be on the public portion of a site). We don't let expedience get in the way of quality.

We also recently lost our Perl programmer -- he'd been working remotely for many years, but decided to take a normal day job (I hear he's even wearing a tie). Anyway, we don't do a lot of Perl programming, but if you have experience in that it would be useful for maintenance tasks. But HTML, Javascript, and CSS is the core skill set that we are looking for.

If you are interested, send your resume and a cover letter to employment@imagescape.com -- please copy me too (ianb -at- imagescape -dot- com), since I'm curious who (if anyone) applies because of this blog. And of course I'm naturally biased towards anyone who reads my blog, so I can put in a good word for you ;)

Created 07 Mar '05