Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog

This blog is maybe okay now

After being slow, and down half the time (a directory with 10000 sessions messes lots of stuff up), and having unicode errors (until sys.setdefaultencoding fixed that) and being filled with spam (fixed with the ad hoc CAPTCHA and manual filtering of old posts), and having no archives and lots of broken links, I think this blog is back on track now, more-or-less.

Also, there's now archives. I put little *'s next to the items for each comment, so you can see what posts attracted more comments.

Created 07 Apr '06
Modified 07 Apr '06


For some reason I can't seem to get a reasonably up to date rss/atom feed of your site anymore. https://ianbicking.org/feeds/new_pages.xml stops two entries ago.

# David Terrell

Everything was pretty much reset during the import, so the feed only has the two items from after the rebuild. It should continue to grow fine over time.

# Ian Bicking