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Command-Line Zope

I'm sure people have done this many times before, but since I haven't stumbled upon it yet I just went and made my own primitive command-line Zope client. It creates, opens (via External Editor), lists, and finds (by name or content) Zope objects. Besides External Editor it just uses wget and perl to scrape through web pages. (Perl? What was I thinking?) Of course, it only works on unix-like systems, because who else wants a command-line anyway? But that should include Mac OS X and Cygwin at least.

On a related subject, though I've been doing Zope development on an iBook I've been forced to do everything in a remote X session to a FreeBSD box. I just can't get external editor working like it should -- the AppleScript wrapper (described in the MacOS Howto) seems to make zopeedit.py slow and unresponsive, and unable to open more than one document at a time. The Macs MIME system makes adding the zopeedit.py application/x-zope-edit handler infeasible in all but Mozilla, and even Mozilla only works with this dumb wrapper. I'm sure someone (unlike me) who really knows how Mac applications are supposed to work would know how to do this the right way (which probably means making zopeedit.py a proper Mac application). Beats me though.

Created 24 Sep '03
Modified 14 Dec '04


check out zope shell from jerome alet

Yes, that's an interesting project, but it's not the same as this. This program is entirely equivalent to the web interface (at least for the functions it supports), just translated to a command-line environment. No magic, no server side installation, no new dangers, no new powers.
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