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Del.icio.us links

I've started an account on del.icio.us for all the little interesting links I come upon. I've yet to figure out how it will integrate into my blog (or how ultimately my blog should look), but if you are interested you can view them or subscribe to the RSS.
Created 07 Jun '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


I wrote a link blogger a few weeks ago using the del.icio.us API. Seems to work pretty well (until Joshua changes something).

# MikeH

I thought about hooking the blogmark tool to delcio.us - so you can use your own linkblog and replicate it to delicio.us. That way I could stay in PyDS for my own data, but share it with others, too. It's still in the "thinking stage", though.
# Georg Bauer

Ian, you might also want to check out Unalog, a del.icio.us-like system written in Python/Quixote.

# Graham Fawcett