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Filebrowser Example

I've been doing a bunch of work on the filebrowser example in Paste (new site!), which is also an example of Wareweb. It's even a bit CMS-ish now (I'm actually using it to edit a site).

Anyway, unlike before, now there is a live demo for you to try. It's by no means feature-complete (or even feature-consistent), but I'm quite pleased with it.

As an aside, right now I'm using Noia KDE icons, but I'm not that pleased with them -- does anyone have another free icon set they'd recommend?

Created 20 Jul '05


I'm a big fan of Nuvola (http://www.icon-king.com/goodies.php), which is an LGPL icon set.

# Lewis Franklin

Very cool stuff! I hadn't really paid attention to the filebrowser until I saw what you meant in the live demo. The ease of use factor is HUGE. I've since shown a couple people what you've been doing and saw the cartoon iris dialation in their eyes; they were impressed. "I want it!" one web developer exclaimed! Nice work.

# Chad Walstrom

point of interface design: i think the mac expansion triangles are better -

> unexpanded
v expanded
# jared jennings