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FormEncode 0.2

After way too long I made a real release of FormEncode. Hopefully I didn't forget anything; but if I did I'll just make another release, not that big a deal. SQLObject is going to depend on FormEncode, because sqlobject.includes.validators was always just an expedient fork of FormEncode. Peter Hunt supplied a patch to bring them back together (since he is using both in Subway).

It's really my first end-to-end release through setuptools. There was still one issue I wasn't sure about, but it went okay. Here's how I released:

$ svn cp -m "Prepare for release" \
  http://svn.colorstudy.com/FormEncode/trunk/ \
$ svn co http://svn.colorstudy.com/FormEncode/tags/0.2 FE02
$ cd FE02
# edit setup.cfg to remove these lines; commit:
    tag_build = dev
    tag_svn_revision = true
# Add to the Cheese Shop (PyPI):
$ python setup.py register
# Upload package to Cheese Shop:
$ python setup.py sdist upload

I'm thinking about making this process a command to setup.py (setuptools makes the commands fairly extensible).

The setup.cfg lines ensure that when you install from the svn trunk you will get a version that looks something like "0.2dev-r1292", even though setup.py still says the version is "0.2".

Also note I used the upload command to upload the file to the Cheese Shop; a fairly recent feature there is a file repository. No more SourceForge file releases for me.

Created 15 Aug '05
Modified 15 Aug '05