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Further Wiki Enhancements

Inspired by a few comments in my last post, I added some new features to the Wiki. Now the Wiki can be published to a static location (an example), giving an up-to-date copy of the site that can be served without any special software. All the links in the wiki have also grown .html extensions, so those links match the links you'll find in the static site (this is configurable). The page generation is controlled with a Cheetah template.

This might actually include everything you'd need to use the Wiki as a blog. The RSS gives you the syndication. The static publishing gives you the... well, ease of deployment (remote static publishing wouldn't be a hard). Simply create new pages instead of posting to your blog. Still needs comments (which is more a UI issue than anything), though you could do that in the template, using an SSI/CGI-based comment program. It's also missing some of the date indexing, and the front page aggregation (where you show multiple entries on a single page). Categories would be nice too -- I'm thinking a keyword system would be sufficient.

Or it could be a simple CMS. Still needs non-reST content support for that, but I don't think that will be too hard.

Anyway, I'm having fun hacking on it... I'm trying to make the code more accessible to others as I go along as well.

Created 13 Apr '04
Modified 14 Dec '04