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If you haven't seen this shaded county map of the election, do check it out. It's much better than the pure-blue, pure-red county maps that are also going around. The geography of it is fascinating, and gives a picture of an America much more diverse than a map where 51% means solid blue or solid red.

Update: another county map, this time with county size corresponding to population. (Personally I'd like to see one with red and blue dots per N voters)

Update: and another one, this one with better coloring.

Created 06 Nov '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


This one might be more accurate:

# culley

I'ld like to see it broken down even further, into electoral districts, to provide a clearer picture of where the Democrats and Republicans live. (In specific, I've heard a theory that the Democrats are concentrated in the cities, and I think that would be easily proven/disproven by a finer-grained map.)
# Blake Winton

These one look better and more logical to me. Also interesting comment about people who "are unlikely ever even to encounter a Republican voter in their home town."

# Girts Kalnins