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Gmane blog interface

Gmane gives mailing lists a newsgroup interface, which is cool. But another neat thing now is that it gives mailing lists a blog interface. I don't know how useful it is, but it's kind of cool. There's also RSS feeds. There's a good chance your favorite mailing list is already listed on Gmane, including many python lists.

Created 15 Jan '05


http://bloglines.com has all that and much more. Also you can create your own e-mail subscriptions w/ it.
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I use bloglines myself, but it doesn't seem the same at all. Gmane turns a public mailing list into a public blog (and a public newsgroup), and they'll even take your old archives to populate the archive. Bloglines seems more private and personal. Also, I feel like Gmane is going to be more committed to long-term availability. It's not a transient interactive interface, it feels more like a static archive.

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