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IE Sucks

Ian Hickson talks some more about backward compatibility and advancing the web in the face of IE6. As he lists all the things IE can't, won't, and never will do, I think: IE sucks so very much.

But, at least IE is a stable platform to react against. You don't have to worry about dead end products pulling the rug out from under you. Maybe IE7 is the right direction -- it's ironic, though, that IE's competitors have to consider improving IE just so their own products' improvements are useable.

Created 28 May '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


Oh, PyDS does - kind of. You can activate the online/offline switch. That way you can disable upstreaming. The preview still works. Activate upstreaming again and your stuff will go out. Ok, it _is_ a bit cumbersom for single posts ;_)
# Georg Bauer

Oh yes, IE sucks in so many ways. Here's some more food for thought at the browser warning
# Tyler Zesiger

Personally, I have been burnt many times and wasted 100s hours in the past working around IE quirks. Yesterday, it happened again, and I didn't realize it till now, leaving a portion of The CDCer header chopped off by IE for hours!

The cause of the problem is the negative margin surrounding the header block. This is a common CSS practice to control layout, and it worked fine with Firefox and Opera on both Windows XP SP2 and Mac as well as Safari, but not IE 6.0.

<a href='http://cdcer.blogspot.com/2005/05/why-ie-must-die.html'>Read more</a> ...

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