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I'm no longer a free bird...

I accepted a full-time position with Imaginary Landscape (a small web development company) as Senior Programmer, working the ol' 9-5 (Mountain Time).

I never really liked freelance work. Now there's someone else who does billing, and someone else who does system administration, and someone else who answers calls. I just program. I like that. And I appreciate those other people, because I don't want to do what they do (and now I know from experience). So I'm okay with being a wage slave (even if I remain a little conflicted).

Created 09 Dec '03
Modified 14 Dec '04



The company announcement says Chicago staff, which is that Central time..
# DeanG

Yeah, I'm actually in Chicago, but I work 10-6 which just doesn't have that ring to it. But 10-6 is 9-5 in Montana ;)
# Ian Bicking

Don't let this stand in the way of the WebWare refactoring.
# Mickey Hadick

Hey, get back to work. Sir.
# Puna Tannehill