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Well, I'm in New York City for a little while (until the 23rd), participating in the training at TOPP. TOPP is adding quite a few new people, most of whom have only a little experience with Python (and none with Zope). It'll be interesting to see how people adapt. Is this stuff really easy to learn? We shall see.

Anyway, my evenings are mostly unscheduled, so if you are in NYC and want to do something drop me a line. (I'm not keeping up very well with email, maybe call me at 773-870-0645)

Created 14 Sep '06


Damm Ian, you come to town right after I move out of it. ahh well. I've been reading your blog for awhile for the python info and would have loved to buy you a beer for it. Let me know if you ever come to Arizona.


# Joshua Bloom

Hi! I live in Brooklyn. TOPP sounds very interesting, too bad it's not last year when I was really starting to get itchy at my old job. If you want to say hi, I'm at 347-564-4711.

# Paul Winkler

I'm definitely around and up for pretty much anything. I'll email you my phone number if you don't already have it.

# Anders

What a cool project TOPP appears to be.

# Martin