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mod_auth_remote should be a quite useful Apache module for use with Zope (and potentially other systems). It authenticates off of a URL, like:

<Directory ~ "/stats/">
 AuthType           Basic
 AuthName           Zope
 AuthRemoteServer   localhost
 AuthRemotePort     80
 AuthRemoteURL      /admin/auth
 require            valid-user
Then you won't be able to access /stats except with a valid login for /admin/auth (which you'd set up as a trivial resource that had the permissions you'd want to apply to /stats). Underneath mod_auth_remote does a second HTTP request using the authentication information you give. The code is very simple.

Unfortunately it's only written for Apache 2 right now, and I'm mostly using Apache 1.3. It should be easy to port -- it's only around 200 lines long -- but I'm not very experienced in that sort of thing.

Created 30 Nov '03
Modified 14 Dec '04


It's backported to apache 1.3 now. It's sort of very alpha (just finished this morning) but should work for you.
# Saju