Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog

My New Blog

After too long, I've finally got my new blog up. It's still not finished, but it's a start, and I can finally start posting again.

I had to change servers, and in the process PyCS got rather broken; everytime there was a write it segfaulted. These days I don't really know what to do with myself when I encounter a segfault. Anyway, though it looks like PyCS will be able to use PostgreSQL soon, I'm afraid it's too late for me.

So it goes. And, of course, every red blooded web programmer has to make their own blogging software. I should not deny these primitive desires that lie in my heart. I must go where so many have gone before...

Along the way I made an atom exporter for PyDS and PyCS -- the articles are exported from PyDS, and the comments from PyCS. I haven't got comments working, so I haven't imported them to the site; I'll fix that soon. I just needed to get something up.

The underlying software is this wiki, tweaked. I'm not sure if a wiki and a blog really fit together, but we'll see. Maybe before too long I hope to be able to finish all the features that I've started, then package the whole thing up, using it as an experiment in how well I can package a Python web application. But that will wait.

Ah, to post again! (Now I wait, will this post really appear?)

Created 15 Dec '04
Modified 15 Dec '04