Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog

Now with Comments

I've updated the blogging software to support comments. I've also imported all the old comments from my last software (except some of the last comments that were lost during the transition). It imports from the atom created by the PyCS exporter.

I'm glad to get all those posts back online, as there was a lot of good content there. Really the primary way I judge this blog is from the reactions and responses, so it was always very gratifying to me how intelligent and thoughtful the comments have been.

Now you can write your comments using restructured text, so posting code snippets should be less painful. And there's even a WSYIWYG for people who want that (hit change...).

Putting this all in a Wiki is rather experimental, so we'll see how it goes. (I must admit I'm less than super confident about the code...)

Created 06 Jan '05


Seems like there's a little bug. When 'main blog page' refers 2 comments on this post (excluding mine), i can count 3 posts for real. But 2 threads ;=) So what will you count, threads or comments ?
# Phil

Hmm.... true. I should change the text to "threads".
# Ian Bicking