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Off and Away

We're leaving tomorrow for Mexico! We're going to Oaxaca, and then on the latter part of the trip making our way to Mexico City where we fly out.

Lots of stuff going on lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed but also excited. So it feels hard to just leave. OTOH, it seems really great to leave. I look forward to the break.

Despite living in a city surrounded by Spanish writing and Spanish speakers, I have sadly not practiced my Spanish for years. However, while my grammar has decayed and my vocabulary is poor, I'm hoping an ability to string together large numbers of simple words to make statements that allude to my true meaning will work out. It's like charades with words. I need to ask for a decongestant? Necesito medecino para me nariz, porque esta lleno de agua! I hope such attempts will amuse if not inform.

I'll be back on the 21st. Ta-ta!

Created 13 Oct '05