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Oh to be an artist blogger...

It's weird how Google works. Emily, my girlfriend, has a blog about pottery. It's got a good domain name. There's actually no other pottery blogs out there, and not many artist blogs in general. But it comes out at like 13 for "pottery blog". (Yahoo, though, does much better and puts her at number 2.) I fear some of this is because blogging is a network thing, and there's no network of artist bloggers.

(This post, of course, is just a thinly veiled attempt to help her out -- if anyone feels like slipping her a del.icio.us link or something she'd like that too ;)

Created 29 Mar '05


I made a link. (Actually, it's a thinly-veiled attempt to get some help in the future.)
# Ned Batchelder

I was browsing through my web site statistics yesterday and noticed that the 9th most popular search keyphrase was '555-5555-1212'. Try it in google! Those people probably aren't interested, but sometimes a post about an almost unrelated topic (like Jumpstart.) can lead a lot of people in.

# Eric Radman

It seems it's #2 for "pottery blog" now... :-)
# Hans

Check out one of my pottery weblogs :

Mashiko Potter http://potters.blogspot.com/ Zen: Craft As A Way. http://ikiru.blogspot.com/ Wood Kiln http://makigama.blogspot.com/ Clay Craft http://claycraft.blogspot.com/ Potter's Mark! http://hankos.blogspot.com/ Mashiko http://togei.blogspot.com/ Shino Glazes http://shinoglaze.blogspot.com/ Nature In Mashiko http://daishizen.blogspot.com/

Also, check out the new weblog search engine:


About 80,000 listings. Of course, this is only mentioning pottery on the weblogs.

-- Lee Love in Mashiko, Japan http://mashiko.org http://seisokuro.blogspot.com/ My Photo Logs

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