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I just wanted to look at Eunuchs -- I don't even know if I care about this package at this point, I just want to see what its scope is.

Unfortunately, it appears like it only has a BitKeeper repository as its homepage. OK, looks prettier than ViewCVS, I'll just browse around... except all I can find are changesets, not the actual complete files. Am I missing something? OK, so I go to the download page, which tells me to download it via the bk tool. Well, of course, bk is not packaged as part of Debian, because it's very un-free.

So I have to do some stupid email verification just to get access to the download, then I get some stupid binary installer that just goes throwing files on my system, and then insists on linking all its files into /usr/bin, not /usr/local/bin as it should -- but at least they are only symlinks. Then on first invocation there's some stupid license.

Stupid proprietary tools. Only now do I realize there's a Debian package python-eunuchs, even if it is a little out of date.

I didn't read the license very well. I think for good measure I'm going to delete the thing, which hopefully gets rid of any obligations in the license. Stupid proprietary tools.

Created 19 May '04
Modified 25 Jan '05


All but the "turn over your first born child" obligation, yes.
# Simon Brunning

Yeah, I went to look at it to see what it was about, and was immediately turned off by the complete lack of *any* information about the package. The PyPI record has some info though, as a teaser:


OK, granted, this is a 0.0.0 release, which I guess could be taken as an annoucement of intention, I guess ;)

Hmm. Must migrate PyPI to postgres soon.
# Richard Jones

Hmm. comment display code mangled the URL. Here 'tis as a "proper URL" :)

python-eunuchs v0.0.0 PyPI record
# Richard Jones