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paster and scripts

I've been thinking about paster (the PasteScript frontend) and setuptools and whatnot, and thinking about how to simplify them.

Here's my current thinking (note "application" = "web application"; this stuff doesn't entirely apply to other models of applications):

I'm not sure where the current paster make-config/setup-app goes. setup-app (which takes a configuration file and does any system setup -- like creating a database) can be a specific command in the app-specific script, of course. But there's no enforced uniformity then, and you can't be sure how any particular application is setup. And make-config actually implies installation of a package, in addition to the uniform way of creating a blank(ish) configuration file. Maybe these will become commands in a new paste-deploy script of some sort.

Anyway, my thoughts at the moment.

Created 06 Apr '06