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PyCon Buzz!

Buzz! Buzz! Everyone Buzz Now!

PyCon is coming up. PyCon is good! PyCon is cheap! PyCon is for programmers. Are you a programmer? Then PyCon is for you! And if you haven't heard, Early Bird registration was extended to February 22. $175 -- that's incredibly cheap! And free sprints!

I will be speaking at PyCon, talking about FormEncode, a form validation and generation package (successor to FunFormKit).

The presentations have been posted to the Wiki, though so far only the titles. Here's some that seem particularly interesting to me:

There's a bunch more listed on the page, and something for everyone. I'm surprised by how few web presentations there are, and only three Zope presentations (and none of them related to Plone). The only Twisted presentation seems to be for Nevow, though maybe other presentations relate to Twisted in ways I am not aware. Last year, when there were nine Twisted presentations, so it's a bit of a change.

One thing I kind of like about last year is that there were a lot of Zope presentations that were (at least from where I was coming from) efforts to talk about what Zope was doing (especially in Zope3) and how it could relate to non-Zope Python programmers. There always seemed to be a bit of a disconnect in the Zope-Python relationship, and Zope3 seemed to be an effort to fix some of that. It still is I'm sure, but it's not reflected in the PyCon presentations. There's still two Zope Sprints.

So, that's all the buzz I have in me for tonight. Go make some of your own.

Created 15 Feb '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


Wrong side of the pond ...
# Georg Bauer

Well, ATOP is an offshoot from Quotient which is developed
by Twisted developers (mostly) so it's almost a twisted
presentation :)
# Darryl VanDorp