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Sprint Day 1

Well, it was the first real day of sprinting for me. I showed up on Sunday a bit to drop in on the PyPI sprint, but I only helped a little. It sounds like they got ZPT integrated today, at least a bit, which is something I started on earlier. That's good.

Today I worked on WSGIKit with Eric Radman and Tracy Ruggles, with Simon Wilison stopping in just as I was getting ready to leave. I didn't have a solid plan coming in, but after looking at some code and staring at the screen in the morning some, we decided to build a sample application and try to remove any rough edges we encountered. Actually that was more Eric and Tracy's idea. They worked on a to-do list, kind of like tadalist.com, but we're not really focused on the XMLHttpRequest stuff, just the featureset. This is an example Jeffrey Shell has been doing in Zope 3 as well. Pair programming seemed to be working for them, as they integrated Tracy's model and Eric's frontend, but triple programming doesn't work as well, so I did my own thing. I worked on configuration (a simple Python-based configuration) and some other bits of infrastructure. By the end I hope we have a good example app, with a clear and consistent file layout and configuration, that can be deployed multiple times in the same process.

Created 22 Mar '05
Modified 22 Mar '05