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I just released PyLogo, a Logo interpreter written in, of course, Python. I've been having a lot of fun with it, maybe because a Logo interpreter is a bit more accessible than the Python interpreter, because it's a simpler language. And of course because it's always more fun to program in Python (which is probably why PyPy would be fun).

I have other things I should probably be working on, but sometimes I just can't stand working on things I should be working on and want to work on things for which I have absolutely no personal itch.

The other thing I'm hoping to explore in this is some of the programming philosophies of Logo (I'd highly recommend the classic book Mindstorms to anyone interested in programming [or math] education). Logo has very different design goals than Python (though not entirely), and these come out in interesting ways in the language. I actually think there's some ways Python could move towards Logo's accessibility; maybe I'll say PyLogo is an attempt to work from both directions.

Created 18 Nov '03
Modified 14 Dec '04


O _SURE_, bring up the Python Logo issue again, and to DARE bring up Python's philosphy in it's design! ;-)

2 points for progressive procrastination.

O man...in checking Edu-Sig list to see if you'd announced it I see my jokes been used.

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