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Python IDE Consolidation

I saw a link to PYxIDEs on de.licio.us:

This project aims to connect open source projects concerning an IDE core library and framework written in Python to avoid the ongoing duplicating efforts.

they have 18 IDE-related projects listed. I tried out a couple after my last editor post, but unsurprisingly (at least to myself) it was only a very short attempt. Emacs is nice.

But anyway, I'm still quite glad to see this progress. My own personal opinion is that instead of getting too focused on scope or plans, they should find some low hanging fruit and produce a package, and just keep doing that; with new fruit and new packages.

Of course, in the end I still fantasize -- as always -- about with the feel of Emacs, written in Python. But that's almost a tangent to what (I think) they want to do with PYxIDE.

Created 13 Mar '06


If I understood you correctly, you want an IDE like Emacs with Python support? Have you looked into pymacs?

# Chris Seberino