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Python packaging

At PyCon I learned about the next generation of Python packaging. PyCon is great!

Created 26 Feb


dude, you are beyond evil :)

# Corey

That's the first useful report from PyCon, thanks!

# Don


# Chad Whitacre

That one cracks me up every time. It's pure genius.

# Kumar McMillan

OK, so that's burnt into my brain now, you bastard :)

# Richard

I didn't get the joke at first sight and I thought I had some new malaware hijacking my browser... What a discusting image!

# Luis

My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

# Chuck Adams

Yes, -seriously- evil! Although... this would actually be a great in-conference joke... Let everyone in on the joke in the main keynote or something, then post it on the web with a misleading title (like you did... well done there) to blind and traumatize everyone else.

So yes, I've learned my lesson missing PyCon this year, you bastard... See you next year. ;-)

# John Stanforth

Fix your wrong link.
# JZ

Ha! Ha!

I remember the first time I encountered the new packaging system.

It was definitely a WTF moment. ;)

# is good joke, comrade