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Lots of releases this weekend. I'm tired of them, but glad to get them off my back.

So I released: SQLObject 0.7, Paste 0.3, Paste Script 0.3, Paste Deploy 0.3, Paste WebKit 0.3, and Wareweb 0.1. I'd link them, but I'm tired of linking. See http://sqlobject.org and http://pythonpaste.org.

I redesigned all the sites while I was at it, using Pudge. It works pretty well, you can just throw it at a package and it comes up with something passable, and you can tweak from there. I made a little contribution to Kid while I was at it, to generate non-HTML/XHTML. I feel like I'm all over the place with my development now -- I've been using Cheetah in Paste (Script) lately, ZPT at work an in my web apps, and now Kid for this stuff. And that's just one piece, I'm finding myself touching a wide set of projects now. But it's okay.

I'm looking forward to spending less time Maintaining, and more time Developing. But I still have lots of docs to write, lots of stuff to clean up. My toolset is improving, but it's still tiring. SQLObject 0.7 was a big hump to get over; I'm sure an 0.7.1 version will come out before too long, but it's in pretty good shape all considered. Lots of new features, but it's been so long since I've used 0.6.1 that I can't hardly remember what they are. I've had some plans for changing the way the metaclasses and magic attributes (columns and joins) work for a while, and I'm kind of excited about actually trying them out now -- I didn't want to do it before 0.7, because it's a big refactoring.

But it's good... people are using a lot of these packages, and that's cool. FormEncode lingered for a long time, but with Subway, TurboGears, and another Myghty project using it, I'm glad to see it coming back again. SQLObject has been doing well too; 270 people on the mailing list, and again lots of projects... really FormEncode has ridden on SQLObject's coat tails, since it's all the same projects. But there's also lots of apps out there using SQLObject, and a lot of people who seem to use it with no trouble, so I don't hear much from them. Which is good too.

Paste is still the big challenge for me. If anything its users have dwindled, and the development has been confused, and I know it's been confusing for people from the outside. But now that I'm using Eggs for the infrastructure it all feels much more defined to me. Now, if people can just understand what it is, I think it'd do okay. It doesn't have any competitors, except for some ad hoc tools built into various frameworks, which are typically there simply because they have to be, not because anyone gives them any love. Deployment and development isn't the stuff that excites me the most either, but I wrote this stuff because the tools generally sucked (regardless of framework).

Anyway... I just hope I don't get totally burned out before too long.

Created 03 Oct '05


Great work man...thanks for all your hard work. Take care of yourself though, don't get spread thin. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Make sure to drink water.

# Chris McAvoy

Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Make sure to drink water.

# Greece Phone Card

You rule Ian!

As someone who appreciates (greatly) SQLObject, I've come to recognize your name -- and look for it on software! If you're working on or looking at something, I can bet that I'd better be looking at it too.

Thanks for using your genius in such a great way!!

# jamie

Have you ever used Epydoc?? How does Pudge compare? Good work anyway, I'm a fan of all your stuff. Although I'm pretty sure I'll never understand what Paste is, no matter how many times you explain it.

_Epydoc: http://epydoc.sf.net

# John Reese

I've never really used epydoc, though I have looked at it. I'm not a fan of three-paned browsing, though I vaguely remember hearing you can generate non-framed pages from it too. In the end, I found Pudge more useful for generating the rest of the sites -- just doing the simple stuff of rendering the reST files, wrapping them in a template, and (with buildutils) uploading them. But now that the source is up there, I suspect I'll be tweaking that part more as well.

# Ian Bicking

Good work anyway, I'm a fan of all your stuff. Although I'm pretty sure I'll never understand what Paste is, no matter how many times you explain it.

# slon