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Weapons of Mass Instruction

I just listened to Weapons of Mass Instruction, an hour-long talk by Greg Palast. It just happened to come on the local radio station (must be Pacifica). Great talk -- Greg Palast is an investigative journalist for the Guardian (he himself is American), and he talks about a variety of topics, including Enron and the 2000 election, generally centered on Bush and the administration. It's both entertaining and chilling, and ultimately enraging. It's something everyone should listen to, I think, regardless of where you are coming from.

If you don't want to buy the CD -- understandable, you probably won't listen to it that many times -- you can get it from emusic.com using their free trial membership. (You can also listen to some samples if that will help.) Emusic is pretty easy -- you give them your information and credit card, you download the CD, maybe a couple other CDs for the heck of it, and you can can cancel right then (I like Cat Power and Songs: Ohia, and there's lots of TMBG for those who are so inclined).

Created 16 Jun '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


Don't forget Greg's book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy". Worth reading by everyone.
# Anthony Baxter