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WSGI Implementations

There's been a number of implementations of WSGI in the last week or so:

I think there's a good working set of servers now. To fill it out there should also be a mod_python server, an ASP/IIS server, and maybe a Medusa server. I can't think of any other servers that we really need, except maybe a server for interactive debugging, and perhaps some other non-production "tool" servers.

Really the next step is to get some more frameworks ported. I'm really hoping other frameworks can also be factored into framework-neutral portions, like I've been working with in WSGI Webware. But even if not, for most frameworks it should be fairly easy to port the framework in one big chunk -- any framework that supports a non-CGI option should be easy to port.

Update: the files from st0rm.hopto.org are now in the colorstudy repository.

Created 13 Oct '04
Modified 14 Dec '04


another, new WSGI implementation: http://wsgiarea.pocoo.org

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