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WSGIKit is dead; long live Python Paste

I've renamed WSGIKit as "Python Paste". Credit for the name goes to Chad Walstrom.

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Created 22 Apr '05


LOL! I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me. ;-)

# Chad Walstrom

can we rollback please?? how does python paste relate to web server interfacing?? Dude this is a connectivity specification is not a funky webframework! the name has to be objective and descriptive, wsgikit was to long thats why it was a litle rare,just "WSGI" would have been perfect.

# vegetax

sorry about the confusion, WSGI != WSGIkit however still think python paste name means absolutly nothing

# vegetax

What the heck does WSGIKit or WSGI mean? If the expand the acronym, sure, but who expands acronyms?

# Ian Bicking

I'm not going to gripe about the descriptiveness of the name. I would like to point out that Paste for Python can be reduced to just calling it Pee Pee. It's childish I know, but that's the net for you.

# Aaron Barlow