Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog


After moving things around and documenting them a bit, I've created a WSGIKit package, which is both WSGI Webware and a set of Webware-neutral WSGI middleware components that WSGI Webware is built on top of. It installs with distutils and is fairly easy to get started with (probably easier that Webware, though in part because it lacks some of Webware's features).

I've been able to run several of my apps on top of it without any modification. I know other people use different parts of the Webware API, so I'm hoping more people will try it and give feedback. It's not really ready for a proper release, but I thought I'd note it here.

It's available at http://svn.w4py.org/WSGIKit/trunk

Update: New website: http://wsgikit.org

Created 11 Nov '04
Modified 11 Apr '05