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Looking for Movie: Whale Rider or Inserting into Textarea at cursor position?

I have the wiki doing different MIME types now (though the full range of types is yet been supported -- images and other binary files will come in time).

Most interesting is support for a WYSIWYG editor (htmlArea to be specific). HtmlArea was a delight to work with -- the only thing that seemed crufty was that it expected to be in the same directory as the application. But using Webware's URLParser it just took one line in __init__.py (urlJoins=['htmlarea/']) to allow me to put htmlArea in a different directory but merge the URL spaces. I was able to customize the available buttons and add a button of my own quite easily.

I also added an incremental search feature for the pages, implemented in Javascript. The implementation is reasonably short -- though I should implement support for if-modified-since so that you don't have to download the entire list of pages everytime you want to insert a link.

As time goes on, this is becoming a publishing environment or CMS as much as anything. Which is probably unsurprising.

Oh... and I need a name for this. Ideas?

Created 26 Apr '04
Modified 25 Jan '05



I guess for wikis' contents are more important than technology :)
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Your blog comments does not support other encodings. I guess that's not a big problem, but not big deal to solve either.
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ReST is a useful part of it, but I want it to be usable for an audience that wouldn't use ReST either (particularly with the WYSIWYG editor)
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