Silver Lining: More People!

OK… so I said before Silver Lining is for collaborators not users. And that’s still true… it’s not a polished experience where you can confidently ignore the innards of the tool. But it does stuff, and it works, and you can use it. So… I encourage some more of you to do so.

Now would be a perfectly good time, for instance, to port an application you use to the system. Almost all Python applications should be portable. The requirements are fairly simple:

  1. The application needs a WSGI interface.
  2. It needs to be Python 2.6 compatible.
  3. Any libraries that aren’t pure-Python need to be available as deb packages in some form.
  4. Any persistence needs to be provided as a service; if the appropriate service isn’t already available you may need to write some code.

Also PHP applications should work (though you may encounter more rough edges), with these constraints:

  1. No .htaccess files, so you have to implement any URL rewriting in PHP (e.g., for WordPress).
  2. Source code is not writable, so self-installers that write files won’t work. (Self-installing plugins might be workable, but that hasn’t been worked out yet.)
  3. And the same constraints for services.

So… take an application, give it a try, and tell me what you encounter.

Also I’d love to get feedback and ideas from people with more sysadmin background, or who know Ubuntu/Debian tricks. For instance, I’d like to handle some of the questions packages ask about on installation (right now they are all left as defaults, not always the right answer). I imagine there’s some non-interactive way to handle those questions but I haven’t been able to find it.

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