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  1. A Python Web Application Package and Format (we should make one)

    By Admin

    At PyCon there was an open space about deployment, and the idea of drop-in applications (Java-WAR-style).

    I generally get pessimistic about 80% solutions, and dropping in a WAR file feels like an 80% solution to me. I’ve used the Hudson/Jenkins installer (which I think is specifically …

  2. My Unsolicited Advice For PyPy

    By Admin

    I think the most interesting work in programming languages right now is about the runtime, not syntax or even the languages themselves. Which places PyPy in an interesting position, as they have put a great deal of effort into abstracting out the concept of runtime from the language they are …

  3. Git-as-sync, not source-control-as-deployment

    By Admin

    I don’t like systems that use git push for deployment (Heroku et al). Why? I do a lot of this:

    $ git push deploy
    ... realize I forgot a domain name ...
    $ git commit -m "fix domain name" -a ; git push deploy
    ... realize I didn't do something right with the database setup …
  4. Why doctest.js is better than Python’s doctest

    By Admin

    I’ve been trying, not too successfully I’m afraid, to get more people to use doctest.js. There’s probably a few reasons people don’t. They are all wrong! Doctest.js is the best!

    One issue in particular is that people (especially people in my Python-biased circles) are …

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