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  1. Firefox Was Always Enough

    There are many concerns about Mozilla right now, and reason to be concerned. While I am no longer with Mozilla, it’s still a place that supported me for many years; I believe in Mozilla and want the project to succeed.

    Mozilla’s one product

    It’s not always clear …

  2. Project ideas for (what’s left of) 2020

    While I’m conflicted with the need to find a …

  3. Thoughts on Voice Interfaces

    I’ve been working on the Consumer Voice Products team in Mozilla for about a year now. My primary project has been Firefox Voice, but our mandate is larger.

    I still feel like a beginner in the area of voice, but I have developed some opinions. Many observations are the …

  4. Users want control” is a shoulder shrug

    Making the claim “users want control” is the same as saying you don’t know what users want, you don’t know what is good, and you don’t know what their goals are.

    I first started thinking about this during the debate over what would become the ACA. The …

  5. The Firefox Experiments I Would Have Liked To Try

    I have been part of the Firefox Test Pilot team for several years. I had a long list of things I wanted to build. Some I didn’t personally want to build, but I thought they were interesting ideas. I didn’t get very far through this list at all …

  6. The Over-engaged Knowledge Worker

    I recently listened to a discussion of knowledge work in the browser. Along the way people imagined idealized workflows and the tools that could enable them. This result felt familiar from concept videos since forever (such as this old Mozilla concept video):

    The result featured lots of jet-setting highly engaged …

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