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  1. New Blog Software (Previous)

    I’ve switched my software over to WordPress. This was long overdue, as anyone who ever wanted to read anything at all on this site probably knows. Sometime I should really write an article reflecting on the failures of my previous blog software. Lets just say that flat files aren …

  2. Atom Models

    I’ve been doing a bit more with Atom lately.

    First, I started writing a library to manipulate Atom feeds and entries. For the moment this is located in It uses lxml, as does everything markup related I do these days.

    I came upon a revelation of sorts …

  3. Environmental Theater

    If you read Bruce Schneier, as any good geek should, you probably are familiar with the term “security theater”: measures that provide the feeling of security while doing little or nothing to actually provide security.

    OK, digression. We had this recycling program in Chicago where we put our recyclables in …

  4. Pronouncing “Django”

    I’m not saying this to anyone in particular, but I’ve heard people pronounce Django incorrectly way too often. The “dj” in Django is a hard J, like in the word “jury” or “jolly”. You don’t pronounce the D.

    Update: Alex Limi tells me I’m wrong too …

  5. Fast CGI that isn’t FastCGI

    There’s a bunch of techniques for doing deployments of long-running processes (Zope, Python server, Rails, etc). A pretty good technique is to do HTTP proxying. There’s some details and conventions I’d like to see for HTTP, but that’s not my concern here.

    HTTP proxying isn’t …

  6. Atompub & OpenID

    One of the thinmgs I would like to do is to interact with Atompub (aka Atom Publishing Protocol) stores in Javascript through the browser. Since this effectively the browser itself interacting with the Atompub server, browser-like authentication methods would be nice. But services like Atompub don’t work nicely with …

  7. Tempita

    I mentioned a templating language I put into Paste a while ago, but since then I extracted it into a separate package called Tempita. I think the documentation is fairly complete (it’s a small language), but I’ll describe it shortly here.

    I wanted a text-substitution language, because I …

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