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  1. Live Programming, Walkabout.js

    There’s a number of “live programming” environments used for education. Khan Academy is one example. In it, you write code on the left hand side, and you immediately see the result on the right hand side. You don’t hit “save” or “run” — it’s just always running.

    There …

  2. Defaulting To Together

    I’ve been working on an experiment, Hotdish, for several weeks now with Aaron Druck and Gregg Lind. I’m really excited about what we’re doing, and in particular I’m excited about some of the principles we are bringing to the design. Hotdish is an experiment in sharing …

  3. Towards a Next Level of Collaboration

    With TogetherJS we’ve been trying to make a usable tool for the web we have, and the browsers we have, and the web apps we have. But we’re also accepting a lot of limitations.

    For a particular scope the limitations in TogetherJS are reasonable, but my own goals …

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