Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

JSON-RPC WebOb Example

I just saw this json-rpc recipe go by as a popular link on It’s yet-another-*Server based recipe (BaseHTTPServer, XMLRPCServer, etc). I don’t know why people keep writing these. WSGI is in all ways easier, clearer, and more useful.

So I figured I’d give it a go myself, using WebOb. Then I figured it might make a good document, and I annotated it and turned it into a tutorial. It’s also an example of using WebOb as a client library.

I’ve added several tutorials in the past months, which I thought I should also point out. The wiki example is fairly pedestrian, but shows how to do typical application-style development with WebOb. A more interesting example is the comment middleware example, which shows how much easier it can be to write middleware using WebOb than traditional WSGI middleware.

I think WebOb’s particular strong points are with middleware (where it makes middleware vastly easier to write) and web services of various kinds (RESTful or not).

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