Monday, March 4th, 2013

New Blog Software

Since I want to start blogging again, of course I have to also change my software. That’s just out these things work.

And to start a new blog I need at least one post, otherwise things are breaky. So of course the first post must be the announcement I am changing my software.

I hope that explains this post; it is not intended to actually be of interest to you, the reader.


Roberto De AlmeidaThu, 04 Apr 2013

The post says March 4th, is this a bug? -- since today is April 3rd. Or did you write some time ago and only now it went live?

Ian BickingThu, 04 Apr 2013

Apparently I got my date formats wrong. It's a little odd to me that this blog software seems to demand I manually enter my dates on posts.

Tshepang LekhonkhobeTue, 16 Apr 2013

In your settings, set DEFAULT_DATE='fs'. That way, file mtime will be used instead. See

KevinThu, 04 Apr 2013

Also, the h1 class="entry-title" on the article+comments page has a bad href... which leads to a 404 that has other broken links, like the css, since the urls are relative.

I'd guess your using a static site generator. I'll look forward to hearing about it and your other blogging again. :)

Ian BickingFri, 05 Apr 2013

Fixed, thanks for noticing!

KevinFri, 05 Apr 2013

Happy to help. :) btw, the links in the Discus notification e-mail I received redirected to http://localhost:8000 which I assume was your development server.

Paul WinklerFri, 05 Apr 2013

So... what is it, anyway?

Ian BickingFri, 05 Apr 2013

It's Pelican:

I haven't really been that happy with any of the static blog/site generators I looked at, but Pelican seems okay enough. It feels like templating is universally a mess.

sanitzSat, 06 Apr 2013

That looks great! Can I steal it?

Ian BickingSun, 07 Apr 2013

It's pretty much all in here: – the stylesheet is LESS so mixing around at least a few of the parameters is easy enough.

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