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  1. Project ideas for (what’s left of) 2020

    While I’m conflicted with the need to find a …

  2. Firefox Was Always Enough

    There are many concerns about Mozilla right now, and reason to be concerned. While I am no longer with Mozilla, it’s still a place that supported me for many years; I believe in Mozilla and want the project to succeed.

    Mozilla’s one product

    It’s not always clear …

  3. Infinite AI Array

    Some ideas are dumb enough you just have to try them, so I introduce to you the Python library: Infinite …

  4. World Building With GPT

    I’ve been doing lots of experiments with GPT, though I’ve only written about one until now… the more serious something is the harder it is to call it finished or identify the outcomes. Here I’ll describe something a bit lighter: world building, or specifically city building, with …

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