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  1. XO B4

    Front view of the XO

    I recently received a Beta-4 XO laptop. I won’t describe the hardware on the whole, but probably a number of readers here have seen the B2 laptops so I thought I’d write up a quick description of the changes I’ve noticed. If you haven’t seen the …

  2. Defaults & Inheritance

    I thought I’d note a way I try to make classes reasonably customizable without creating lots of classes, but letting other people create classes if they want.

    Here’s a common technique; I’m going to use a class from WSGIProxy as an example, because that’s where I …

  3. Atom Publishing Protocol: Atompub

    Doing stuff with the Atom Publishing Protocol, I’ve noticed that it goes by two (shortened) names: APP and Atompub. I’d become used to calling it APP, but I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to call it Atompub from now on, and I encourage you all to …

  4. Reflection and Description Of Meaning

    After writing my last post I thought I might follow up with a bit of cognitive speculation. Since the first comment was exactly about the issue I was thinking about writing on, I might as well follow up quickly.

    Jeff Snell replied:

    You parse semantic markup in rich text all …
  5. DictMixin

    Quite some time ago I gave a little presentation on DictMixin at ChiPy. If you haven’t used DictMixin before, it’s a class that implements all the derivative methods of dictionaries so you only have to implement the most minimal set: __getitem__, __setitem__, __delitem__, and keys. It’s a …

  6. WebOb

    I’ve have it in my head to extract/rewrite parts of Paste lately. Tempita was one example.

    The request and response functions in Paste grew very organically. I wasn’t trying to create a framework, so I studiously avoided anything that might look like a request or response object …

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